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Kintaro's 17 Ideologies


  1. We are not making ramen, we are creating brands.

  2. Before handling big things we must handle the small things first.

  3. What we are learning now is for the future.

  4. Difficulties are opportunities for growth.

  5. Matters that people think of as boring we take them seriously.

  6. Keeping pace with the times, grasping every minute and every second to carry out innovative work.

  7. The work we are doing, only we can do well.

  8. Appreciate colleagues who work together. Appreciate customers. Appreciate food.

  9. Anyone can have the right to dream and be equal.

  10. No matter what difficulty we face, the first sentence is prohibited to "SAY NO".

  11. Cultivating talent doesn't mean we go around looking for first-class talent, it means we cultivate our current talent to be first class.

  12. "3F Concept"= FANS → FRIENDS → FAMILY

  13. Take action proactively. 

  14. Co-prosperity and co-existence.

  15. Never destroy the dreams of others.

  16. Habits affect personality, personality affects fate.

  17. Good deed is given to you by others, wrongdoing is caused by yourself.

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