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Kintaro Gourmet Group LTD. Origin of company name

Kintaro is the main character of a famous Japanese fairy tale. Our company name is derived from this well known household name from Japan. Living in the mountain, Kintaro is a powerful and innocent child who plays with different animals every day, and he especially likes to sumo with big bear. One day, Kintaro and his animal friends came to the river. He used his unrivaled strength and took a nearby giant wood to the river as a bridge. From then on, the two sides of river could easily exchange with each other, and move forward together! We use Kintaro as our name, and use him as our role model and goal. We hope to contribute to the food culture exchange between China and Japan. Through our bridge, we will bring Japan's profound food culture, excellent concept, high-end talent, innovative technology to Hong Kong, China even the world to advance together to increase the living standard of the area.


Inherit the Japanese philosophy of creating truly high quality gourmet, let everyone in the world feel joy, happiness, and satisfaction.


The yellow horizontal line represents the company's ramen business, and the 4 horizontal lines represent 4 ramen restaurants. When we created this logo, our company was operating 4 ramen restaurants, we have since used this as a new starting point for the company. The white line in the middle represents the position of Kintaro, acting as a bridge between the two, introducing the best things from Japan to other places.


Employees have always been the company's most valuable asset. Therefore as Kintaro's first and foremost principle, we are people-oriented. We provide diverse training and guidance to employees. We set long-term career development direction for employees. We arouse each person's potential to enable comprehensive learning and growth. At the same time, Kintaro pays great attention to the feelings of diners. We insist on creating new value with the best cooking and the most satisfactory service. We hope to bring an unprecedented view to the food industry and give back to the community as much as possible.


"Kintaro" is a company specializing in the operation of the food business. The goal is to continuously produce high-quality products every day, becoming the indispensable and beloved gourmet group brand in the world.


Founder & CEO Profile

Meter Chen was born in Hong Kong in 1976. With father being overseas Chinese in Japan, Meter started studying in Japan in 1995. He graduated from The Asia University of Japan majoring in law.

During his 15 years in Japan, Meter was attracted to Japan's profound and outstanding culture and was determined to promote it everywhere. He founded his own brand "MeterTee".  His books include 《Chou Umai》、《地道人》、《東京地標》and《杯麵男》. He has written articles for 《East TOUCH》、《JM》、《》、Taiwan's《Cool》 to introduce Japanese culture. He has worked in production for various major TV stations in Hong Kong and is responsible for more than 50 Japanese trend travel programs. In 2017, he filmed food & travel program  “Tsukiji Market 100” for ViuTV. Meter established Kintaro Gourmet Group LTD. in 2011. In the same year, he opened  Kakurega Ramen Factory, and later brands like Ebina, Munakataya, Confusion Steak and Triple Steak.

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