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Character: Negi Chen

Kagurega Ramen Factory in summer 2013 launched a limited-edition product: Chuka Ramen. The important ingredient of Chuka Ramen is negi (green onion) which Meter, the Founder & CEO likes very much. He tailor made a negi costume to Hong Kong, wore it, and transformed to “Negi Chen” on the street and online to promote this Chuka Ramen. This was very well received, and Meter's designer friend Godfrey Kwan even made this Negi Chen into a cartoon character. Once again it got people´s attention and some even asked Negi Chen and Chuka Ramen to “stay” at the store. Seeing this random character become so popular, Meter assigned the important task to Negi Chen to be Kintaro Group's mascot, and made it into different souvenirs like box tissue, keychain, notebook and wet tissue for customers

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