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Founded in 2018, our teppan steak is fusion of Japanese Western style.

Our restaurant sells only 3 parts: Ribeye, Sirloin and Tenderloin.  We charge by gram. Customers first select the part they want to eat, and then select weight. Staff will cut out the steak accordingly and fry. Customers can self select seasoning: garlic oil, scallion oil and onion oil. The most popular garlic oil is made with butterfat, garlic, sesame oil etc, customers can choose normal, single, double, or triple for the amount.

Weight starts at 300 grams. The price per gram ranges from $0.26 to $0.49, which means that for just $78 to $147, you can enjoy about 10 ounces of steak, which is a lot cheaper than what you can find in steak houses.

Confusion STEAK!

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ADDRESS.  Shop 5, LG/F, Eaton Hong Kong, 380 Nathan Road, Jordan

OPENING HOUR.  12:00~21:00

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